Pet therapy

Pet Therapy Services

If you think your dog or cat has some bad habits, you’re not alone, since 10 to 15 percent of owners say that they have pet behavior issues. But does your animal need therapy? Yes, if his behavior puts him or others in danger.

Any time the safety or well-being of either the pet or human is in question, a professional should be brought in to determine the best course of action, and we provide a selection of pet therapy services to suit your needs.

Right now, about 10% of dogs are suffering from mental disorders. The same goes for us human beings. And 50% of canines are prone to mental illness at least once in their lives. Again, the same goes for us. At certain points in their lives, they may feel anxious or depressed and have phobias, just as we do. All this can ruin not only their lives but the lives of their masters as well.

Nonetheless, behavioral problems that occur when the pets are with their masters or with their peers are very common. 

Another similarity is that behavioral therapy for pets always starts with an inquiry about the causes of the disorder: is it genetic, something proper to that particular breed, or is there something that happened in the animal's past that may explain its behavior?

Once the causes of the disorder are recognized, the pet therapy specialist can prescribe medicine in some cases. But their first priority is to encourage the pets to behave differently. The pet therapy center has to lead the animals into a new "lifestyle," something that is satisfying for both pet and master.