Pet hotel

Pet Hotels in Dubai

For the ultimate in convenience and luxury for pet owners, check out one of the growing number of pet hotels. Catering to the pampered pet whose owner wants only the highest quality, yet affordable pet accommodations, pet hotels in Dubai are an innovative concept that is growing in popularity.

Select from the range of comfortable lodging & safe, welcoming pet hotels for your pets to stay while you’re away! The furry guests will feel at home with the around-the-clock care of professional pet-loving staff. Find the ultimate staycation destination for cats and dogs in Dubai!

Full-service accommodations & certified pet care specialists make pet hotels a great peace-of-mind alternative to home-sitting services. Pets enjoy playtime fun, spa services, training classes & more.

Pet hotels generally offer cage-free boarding, supervised doggy& kitty playtime, and real-time web cam access so traveling pet owners can check in on their pets. Other amenities at an additional cost might include spa services, pool playtime, doggy or kitty treats, grooming, vet visits, dog training, daycare, or private suites equipped with flat-screen TVs. Since our feline friends prefer quieter environments, airport pet hotels usually house cats in kitty condos that are separated from their canine counterparts. 

These convenient, affordable facilities are usually open 24/7 so pet owners can easily coordinate drop-off and pick-up around their schedules.

We understand that leaving your pets for the first time can cause some anxiety to you and your pet. Our aim is to help you find a great holiday location for your cat or dog while you are away and ensure that you can also relax by providing you with the peace of mind that your pet is in great hands.