Dog training

Dog Training Services in Dubai

Find the expert dog trainers to teach your dog whatever you might need: if you are looking for the basics: heel, sit, down and stay, or you’re starting training for the first time or are a seasoned dog owner, find the right dog and puppy training services to help you build a solid, meaningful relationship with your pet.

Through positive reinforcement, your dog will be successful in the real world (not just the classroom).

Whether it’s in a group setting, private lessons or training while you’re away, you can find the right dog training services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE that will offer a program that meets your needs and your schedule.

Whether your dog is a new puppy, or an adolescent with lots of energy, or you want to teach your dog some advanced behaviors with a qualified trainer, there are lots of options so it’s easy for your dog to make the right choice, then reward him for being so clever. 

No matter when you start training your dog, a proper training provides the basis for any activity, behavior or job you want your dog to do. Training provides dogs with the basic good manners we all want—from polite greeting when guests arrive, to walking nicely on the leash, to coming when called.

If you own a dog, you naturally understand his basic needs for food, water, and medical care. Nowadays, training is widely accepted as another need for dogs that is almost as important as their basic needs.

Benefits of professional dog training:

  • Safety - Proper training can save your dog’s life.The ability to come to you when called, especially in public or outdoors, can save them from coming lost, stole, hit by a car, or being injured by another dog.
  • Socialization - Bringing your dog to professional training classes not only helps them learn commands, but it provides an excellent opportunity for socialization. Puppies learn to greet and play with other dogs in a respectful, non-aggressive way.
  • Bring Your Dog Everywhere - With more and more pet friendly businesses popping up, there has never been a more welcoming time for dog owners to bring their pups in public.
  • Makes Your Dog Happy -  Dogs, like most animals, actually like a well-ordered place to live. If they know you’re in command, it takes a lot of pressure off of them to be the pack leader.
  • Training Enhances Your Bond - Training alongside of a dog trainer helps forge a deeper bond with your dog. Dogs are not humans; they’re not trained to resent the boss. The opposite is true.