Pet sitting

Pet Sitters in Dubai

"Pet sitting" is defined as "the act of caring for a pet in its own home while the owner is away." Caring for pets in the clients’ homes is what separates pet sitters from boarders or doggie daycares.

If you are looking for dependable, honest and loving dog sitters or cat sitters, you will find a variety of choices. Being away from your pet is already stressful for both you and your pet. Working late last minute or an emergency only adds to your pet’s stress. Our goal is to provide the choice of the most comforting environment for you and your family pet when you cannot be there.

Find your ideal pet sitters in Dubai and the UAE who'll care for your pets and home when you can't be there. For your own peace of mind, choose one of the highly-rated, care-orientated, cat or dog sitters so your pets can stay happy at home they know and love.

What are the advantages of pet sitting?

  • Pets are happier and experience less stress at home in their familiar environment.
  • Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted.
  • Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated.
  • Pet's exposure to illness is minimized. 

Find and use the services of the listed pet sitters when they go on a vacation, travel for business, work long hours or when you are too sick or injured to care for your pet(s).

Pet sitters often offer more than one pet-sitting visit per day, and some pet sitters offer overnight stays as well.

During the pet-sitting visits, pet sitters perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • Feeding the pets and changing their water bowls
  • Providing exercise and play time (may include walking the dog)
  • Cleaning litter boxes and cleaning up any other pet messes
  • Administering pet medications, if needed
  • Providing lots of TLC!